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Aboard S/V "Alphee" homeported in Stonington, Connecticut.

S/V "Alphee" at her mooring in Stonington Harbor, Summer 2001.(CT, near Watch Hill, RI)

Some personal sailing history from the dim past -

Our first S/V was a 24' "Dutch Treat" hard chined sloop, built in Holland of Bruynzeel plywood, and powered with a magneto-ignitioned Palmer one lunger. Learned some useful woodworking skills with her! (1968 - 1970) Docked in Westbrook, CT and a really fun daysailer.

In 1970, we saw and fell in love with a Hinckley Custom 36' yawl , lying in Stamford, CT. After a brief survey (the brevity of which contributed mightily to my acquisition of additional woodworking skills in the ensuing years!) we sailed her up to Saybrook, CT one fine November night. Leaking like a sieve, she made it just before the first cold front of that winter howled down upon us! Doing repair and restoration work like crazy, we sailed her from Essex, CT and Old Saybrook, CT for two years until we finally got a mooring in Stonington Harbor. We fell in love with that incredibly neat sailing harbor, literally the easternmost harbor in Connecticut! Been there off and on ever since.


We named this lovely yawl "AYRELING" - she was built by Henry Hinckley in Southwest Harbor, ME in 1954.Extensive work and renovations performed mostly at the famed yard of Seth Persson in Old Saybrook, CT during the period 1970 - 1975, when we sold her.(Seth was responsible for the famed racing yawl "Finisterre" and was one of the finest wooden boat builders ever - as well as being an incredibly accomplished designer and patternmaker. "Ayreling" was repowered in 1972 in Seth's yard with a Volvo MD2B diesel.

One former owner was Senator/Governor Lowell Weicker (R, Indep. CT) - one of the little nuggets of information turned up when we documented the boat. Two or three ownerships beyond our time frame, after 1975, she came upon harder times and was purchased by a Hollywood film company for use in the film "Masquerade" - in which she was rigged with explosives and blown up as part of the plot line! According to the Hinckley Company newsletter, the hull withstood the explosion and was acquired by an experienced boatbuilder to be subsequently restored. I have no further history on her unfortunately, but the earlier scenes shot for the movie show her under sail with Meg Tilly aboard, albeit with the mizzen removed. (the boat, not Ms. Tilly.)


Dockside Refitting at Dodson Boat Yard, Stonington, CT, Spring 1973

S/V AYRELING under sail in Fisher's Island Sound, CT/NY 1973



Rafted in Newport, RI 1974

Around this time, a decidedly original group of friends decided to form a Yacht Club/Sailing Association
devoted to the twin joys of sailing and amateur radio (another distraction at this end) and since our main cruising ground
and destination was Nantucket,  the NANTUCKET SAILING AND WIRELESS ASSOCIATION was born!
An extremely wise and considered decision was enacted to appoint some of our children, all under the age of two years,
as the Officers of the Association - Commodore, Vice Commodore, Flag Secretary. Over the years, many fine sailing vessels
have proudly flown our Association burgee from Nova Scotia to the Caribbean.

The NS & WA was officially listed in LLOYDS' REGISTER OF AMERICAN YACHTS in the mid 70's.

(as this plate reproduction shows)

At anchor Block Island, 1974, with the Commodore of the NS & WA aboard.


The next S/V AYRELING, off Stonington, CT 1979

A 1971 Michel Dufour "ARPEGE" Class 30' LOA 1/2 ton racing/cruising sloop. Volvo MD2 Diesel Auxiliary, skeg hung unbalanced rudder, bulb keel. A terrific sea boat.

Owned from 1976 - 1981








Next, from '99 to fall '02 was a CAPE DORY 27' sloop. A nice traditional design small cruising sloop, great for knocking about the southern New England waters!


Rafted up with the World Cruiser "Linda B", Block Island July 2000.

Fall '02 brings us aboard the current S/V "Alphee", a beautiful Sabre 34 Mk II (1986), currently In Commission at

Stonington, Connecticut.













 Departing Newport Sept 2004







In early June '03, returning from Block Island to Watch Hill, RI, caught a great view of the renowned schooner "BLACK PEARL" probably heading E along the RI Coast for Newport:


The "radio shack" aboard. The bulkhead display unit is part of an ICOM amateur radio Model 706 HF/SSB transceiver/AH-4 automatic antenna tuner system. For morse code, AM, and SSB amateur radio on the short wave bands. The antenna consists of the insulated backstay, 38' for the insulated portion. The automatic tuner is mounted in the lazarette directly by the backstay chainplate, and heavy gage wire connects the ground to the engine and keel bolts. Look for W1UX/MARITIME MOBILE during the sailing season!

 A group of winged friends on East Clump.

The original "ALPHEE" - off Cowes, England, 1937

(Some folks enjoyed a different kind of yaching in those days!)

Background Picture of inner Nantucket Harbor, before the multimillion dollar harbor development project. These were the original scallop shacks, long before they were remodeled into expensive artists' studios! The catboat "Conjurer" - already 50 years old when this picture was taken, at least - lies at her mooring.

(photo Yves A. Feder 1967.)



 old friend on the dink



DODSON BOAT YARD (a great boatyard in the best sailors' harbor in Connecticut!)


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