Where the World of Audio Meets the Kennelly-Heaviside Layer (with a little help from some small bits of RF circuitry hidden hereabouts)


Personal interests:

Amateur radio - my current call is W1UX.

It all began at a little 25 watt

daytime only radio station waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1953........


Inside the RCA BTA500MX. The single 833A is modulated by two 833A's.

On the air on 160 meters December 31, 2000!

 In past years, I've also held the callsigns W1EOX, K2CUI and K1TJP. Favorite related pursuits are the restoration of classic
VINTAGE RADIO ..........and audio equipment.


Messing around with boats, mainly sail -



For a number of years I sailed out of Stonington, Connecticut aboard the Attack Yawl and Battle Sloop AYRELING I & II, fine well armed privateers sailing under private letters of marque, raked of mast and bold of crew.

We sailed for the last few years out of beautiful Stonington harbor with a Cape Dory 27 sloop "Alphée", and currently conduct cutting-out expeditions with our newly commissioned Sabre 34, which now bears the same name.


Other pursuits include hiking, astronomy, writing science fiction, and messin' around in boatyards, sniffin' around garboards. Also tinkering with, and driving our rural New England back roads with our great old overland machine, a 1963 109 LAND ROVER.


Links to some fascinating things -

Some history from the early days of Radio!

One of the best Search Engines on the Web - Google.

Bill W3DUQ's "FutureNet" Home Pages!

The AM Window! Excellent Site for some major AM resources.

The fascinating pages of Charles Sullivan, D.O. A wonderful information source on alternative medicine, amateur radio, and art!


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