Real great machines! Always had one since 1963. The first one was a '61 88" Short Wheel Base Station Wagon - sold that in '69, got a '69 88" which I had for a loooooooooooong time - sold that a while back, and the current LR is a wonderful 1963 109" wheelbase 3/4 ton two door truck.

Found that machine down in the weeds at Reynolds' Garage & Marine in Hamburg Cove, and with Gary's help and the skilled work of master mechanic John King, the critter took life with lots of new and rebuilt parts. Axles from two different wrecks, a rebuilt 2-1/4 litre petrol four banger from Cape Cod, parts from all over the place, including new electrics, hydraulics, brake drums, 16" wheels.....

Topless in the summer, or with a NATO ex-military canvas top and frame, or with a full length aluminium hardtop (as pictured), it's a great vehicle to excurse over some rough terrain. Hauls lots of firewood, delivers precious cargos to the town recycling center, transports harpsichords occasionally, and also serves as a radio (wireless!) test bed for various amateur radio receivers and transmitters, long wave through UHF.

She's equippd with a 1940 era Bendix gyrocompass, decent avionics including two calibrated altimeters, and a full radio stack of course, including an "Angry Five" short wave receiver - WWII vintage.

Also had some great help along the way from the friendly folks at
source of various repair and replacement parts and a really great Fairey OverDrive.

And  check out the
International Land Rover Web pages!

        Mission Specialist and CoPilot Linda, KA1RJS, holding down the special recliner chair during an open-top delivery to cat-repair-fabric-professional-re-upholsterer Louise Burghardt.

As the weather turned cold, Louise finished the chair and it made the trip home in the same tail-gunner position.

   A FORWARD CONTROL 101" ex-military Land Rover at the 1997 "BRITISH CARS BY THE SEA" Exhibition and Classic BritCar
get-together held at Harkness State Park in Waterford, CT.

There were over 38 Land Rovers on display at the '97 do, and almost 50 at the 1998 event.


An experimental half track 109" Land Rover prepared for the British Military by Land Rover in the '70's.

   More pictures from the 1997 "British Cars by the Sea" Expo at Harkness State Park-by-the-Sea, Waterford, Connecticut.
Lots of great Land Rovers!
                          Canvas off - the day was really beautiful!

Herbert Zipkin's globe circling expedition 109 Land Rover - across the EuroAsian land mass - including the Gobi Desert and other unsettled territories. A very special homegrown "camper conversion". Note the rugged winch on the front bumper!



Lots of other great Britmachines too at this wonderful annual show! I'll be getting more pictures up as time permits.

This is a completely restored 1934 Jaguar SS100,
actually the hit of the show in 1997!
Let's see.........where were we before we were so rudely interrupted!!!!  
 Let's see.........where were we before we were so rudely interrupted!!!!  
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