PAGE TWO - various additional operating positions upstairs & downstairs!


The "EKV Valiant" operating position. Chuck, now K1KW, did the conversion on this Valiant II just a few years ago. The R390A is a Stewart Warner with the KD0HG modified audio output stage driving two 12" high efficiency speakers. AM Audio? You gotta hear it to believe it!


One of the SP600's in operation. This is a JX-21 version. Panel never cleaned up as yet, electrically 100A+. In use with a Johnson Viking Two. The vertical rack is one of our "portable" operating positions. It rolls around nicely. Seen on the Tek 503 scope looking at the IF of theSuperPro is a Straposum Signalorum from one of our Fellow Amplitude Modulation miscreants.




The "Day Room" just abaft the Radio 1 location. When the action is hot and heavy in Radio 1, The Day Room can still field 1KW + on both AM and SSB into various antennas through the Master Patch Bay. A TS930 drives a Henry 2K4, whilst in operation in this picture, the HLR-modified Ranger II drives a pair of 813's in linear mode. The home brew amp with up to 3000V on the plates was overbuilt by K2MYR and has variable biasing as required.



The emergency upstairs workshop AM operating position. The crystal controlled Challenger makes a decent account of itself, in tandem with the Hallicrafters SX101 Mk III.


The main upstairs workshop 100 watt AM operating position. The Viking Two has a modified audio stage with a pair of 6CA7 modulators.The NC183 is a partial restoration from a storage location in a chicken coop for twenty years. Most of the guano is now gone:)



One A shot of the auxiliary 100 watt AM operating positions in Radio One. The Apache has the characteristically crystal clear audio for which Apaches are so well renowned....The Hammarlund SP400 is preferred by some to the SP600. Terrific audio, continuously variable IF bandwidth, and rock steady. The Panoramics Product 3" CRT panadaptor is WW2 surplus.

Gee. Ma, when I grow up, can I have one of these?



And yes folks, here's the world's finest receiving engine! Shown in service in the Main Dining Hall! Yes indeed.

 world's finest shortwave receiving engine. 

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