Tina and Lydia!

Two of Southeastern Connecticut's greatest cavies!

Two of our dear little ones have to go for adoption....

pick up only! we live about 38 miles SE of Hartford, CT




Lydia contemplating her lot, and checking a visitor to her domain!

Lydia was born in February 99 right here - one of a litter of three, she's TINA's daughter! Colorful salt & pepper, with some long hair towards the tail -

she is a very quiet, sweet girl, very affectionate, and used to being petted and fed veggies during the day.


Sorry the pictures of Tina are less sharp, but they at least give some idea of this feisty and neat little Mommy!



Tina, Lydia's mom, is 2 years old and actually had one litter at age 1 year, before we got her. She's much darker than Lydia, black fur, not brown (bad picture) but has white streaks in her fur and on her rump. Both she and Tina wheek in answer to our calls - they live in our bedroom, and can hear when we open the refrigerator downstairs!

The cutting of carrots and red peppers do indeed get them going!


Tina's a more independent gal. She'll enjoy being picked up, but if you put her down on the bed she'd rather go exploring than just sit! I think she's pretty bright and certainly very curious. Sometimes she gets impatient with Lydia and they'll chase each other around! Never any wounding or hurtful biting, but we still get the idea that they would possibly live better alone than with each other - although they will certainly go OK together.


Due to travel commitments and health considerations (bad back) we can't take care of all four of our cavies the way we want, and we are looking for a good home - or two good homes, because while mother and daughter do coexist in one large cage, and get floor playtime every day, they should get plenty of attention and love!


Also we change their cages every day - hate to see wood chip bedding get wet and stay in there - so we use fresh timothy hay, and change the papers underneath, every day. We love our friends at OXBOW and AMERICAN PET DINER! who supply really good, fresh, sweet smelling timothy hay that we can use for bedding - it doesn't have the dry, abrasive quality of pet store bagged hay!


We buy it in pretty large quantities so our little friends always have a super clean cage, in addition to their large "floor time corral"


Neither Lydia or Tina will get along with our other cavies IF they are put in the same space. Guess Tina wants to be strictly the "Alpha female"!!!

But their cage is right next to our other two wheekers, and they notice each other and talk, but do fine with that kind of coexistence!


Of course if something sets off one cage, the other is sure to follow!!!

So we're looking for one or two good homes - where cavies are really appreciated and understood!!


We live about 18 miles southeast of Middletown, CT not far from the shoreline, near Madison and Old Saybrook.


Email us at cavies@tinyradio.com



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