In the late 20th Century V.O.E. (Very Old Era), before the Ascendancy of the Bush/Palin
Multivirate, human technopeds had developed machine methods of freezing temporal sequences
onto magnetostrictive and optically nudged
substrates, so that these captured events could be reproduced,
viewed and reviewed at any subsequent moment in
what the ancients quaintly called "time" - a primitive form
of temporo-spatial manipulation that consumed the energy of the entire species for millenia.

During the reign of the Luddite Founders and their rabid followers,
all machine-based
technoped activity came to be outlawed, including the development
of co-sentient organic and biomineral life forms. Mankind regressed to its
earliest, most primitive state, as religion-based superstition and hatreds inflamed organic
passions and spurred planetwide conflict and holocausts. Aeons passed,
and mankind eventually evolved under the Seldon Guidance Principles (first brought to light
by none other than Asimov)  to the point that eventually
the space-time bubble was
discovered to be subject to coherent thought
manipulation from the Central Collective
mindbrain, and the flow of pure
uncorrelated time was willed to cease altogether.

Thanks to the wisdom of the Central Collective, all mankind and its
co-dependent sentient life forms learned to contribute their Aura
to the Central Effort, and all manifestations of the physical universe -
past, present, and "future" -came to be experienced at will, simultaneously,
by any individual being.

The dawn of the 29th century V.O.E. saw the beginning of the end of
uncorrelated, irreversible time flow altogether, and the consequences for
our evolutionary growth to the present bubble are still efflorescing in
unpredictable and marvelous ways.

In the present bubble, and throughout all adjacent loci in the universal foam,
even nascent embryons of all sentient species are capable of experiencing all
past, present, and future sensates at any single integrated moment of what
the ancients called "time".

(anonymous entry in the Encyclopaedia Galactica, 6999 V.O.E.)


f. couperin, "prelude - l'art de toucher le clavecin" Linda Skernick, harpsichord                                                                                                                                                                       
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